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Help Topic: How to post a screenshot

How to post screenshots:

To post a screenshot, firstly you need to take a screen capture. The easiest and quickest way to do this without third party software, is to hit your Print Screen button once. (This button is usually located to the right of the F12 key).
Now that you have your screen captured into your clipboard, you need to open Paint. So go to Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Paint.
Once Paint is loaded, click Edit --> Paste. Your screen capture will now be loaded into Paint.
No we need to save it. Go to File --> Save As. (Name it whatever like, and make sure the file type is JPEG not the default 24-bit Bitmap.
Good! Now how to create a thumbnail of it to use in the thread (if you want). To do this, go to Image --> Stretch & Skew. Change the Horizontal & Vertical to 50% and click OK. (If your original screenshot is very big, then change the percentage to allow the file size to be under 640x480) Now go to File --> Save As, and use the same file name as before but with the word "thumb" (without quotes). For eg, if the first one was called frictionsdesktop.jpg then the thumbnail should be saved as thumbfrictionsdesktop.jpg.

Once you have your sceenshots saved, you now need to upload them to a free image server, or your own website if you have one, or you can upload it via Tech Talk's attachment system for posts.
Here is a list of Free Image Webhosts that you can use:
Put File

Now that you have the screenshot uploaded you now need to link to them. The following example is highly recommended. Copy and paste if you like the below text and change it to suit:
(Change to { to [ )

Credit to Friction for making this documentation.